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Making and sharing beautiful pictures of the people and places of Cache Valley - and anywhere else I happen to roam - is my passion. Each image becomes a moment in time that will never be completely duplicated, a challenge to capture and a joy to share.

As you will notice, I seldom mark my images with a watermark/copyright. My images are copyrighted, but I also offer a Creative Commons license that allows personal use of my images, for example, as a desktop wallpaper. I post low resolution files to this site for ease of display, understanding that they will work perfectly for the free use options I allow, but not the high resolution files that make the best prints. Many of the images available for personal use are also available for you to purchase at my online store. Please respect the time and money involved in making these images by following the policies outlined in my using and licensing images area.

On this site I have a portfolio of recent work for you to browse and enjoy. If you would like to use an image in a marketing campaign, for a company website, or for any other for-profit application, Please email me at info@gregfabphoto.com to communicate your request. If you find a picture that would look great hanging in your space, please contact me at that address and we can discuss options to produce a print.

Thank you for your interest in my work! It is an honor to have one of my images selected for display in your personal space or for your place of business. I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and I will work with you to ensure that the piece you choose to purchase and display is exactly the way you want it.

2011-2012 Greg Fabricius Photography. Thanks for visiting! Follow my photographic journey through life with the social media links below. Selected images are available for sale.