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Hi, and Welcome to my site!

I'm Greg Fabricius, and I'm glad you stopped by! I hope you're enjoying your visit, but, how about I share a little bit about me?

First of all, I'm the husband of a wonderful woman and father of two great kids. They are my better
3/4-ths, that is for sure.

I like to take pictures. No, I LOVE to take pictures. Cache Valley is an amazingly beautiful place and it
is so much fun to capture that beauty, and share it with others. Occassionally I travel to other
beautiful places and I might just post what I saw when I was there, too.

I also like to shoot people. With a camera, of course....

I enjoy other things, too: I'm a firefighter for my community; I'm an amateur radio operator; I dabble
a little bit in web design - to name a few. If I can find a way to combine anything I enjoy with pictures, that is even better.

So, what memory can I help you preserve? I'd love to talk with you about that. Prints of my work are available, too. I'd be honored to prepare a print for you to display in your home or business.

For portrait services or print questions call 435-757-3330 or drop a line to

Thanks for stopping by, and you're welcome to visit any old time!

Selected pieces are available for purchase | PRINTS